Sunday, Nov. 26, 2006 || Proud parent moment

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On Friday night we were watching (apparantly) reruns of that Be@uty and the Geek show, or whatever it is called. Part of the premise of the show is that the all of the women are a bit - how can I put it delicately - intellectually challenged. So, they ask them questions about history and such that a 3rd grader should know. And, of course (big shocker), they usually get them wrong.

One of the questions on the show we were watching was, "Who was president during the Civil War?" Several of the gals got it wrong (duh!). Someone then asked one or two of the women present and watching the show, and they got it wrong (for the record, I was not in the room for this question). So, Janie's hubby proudly says, "I guarantee you that Janie will get it right. So, they call Janie in and she answers, "Abraham Lincoln". Of course; Janie would never miss that.

Then N@than comes into the room. Rob assures everyone that N@than will get this correct (for those who don't know, he is in the 7th grade).

"N@than, who was the president during the Civil War?" Janie's hubby asks.

"North or South?" he answers.

That's my boy!

(He knew the answer to both, by the way.)

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