Sunday, Dec. 15, 2002 || Parker stories

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Today I taught the primary age group at church. The lesson was on John the Baptist. We talked about how he ate locust and wild honey and baptized Jesus. We painted his tunic with glue, then laid it in coffee grounds to simulate the rough camel's hair clothes he wore.

The kids and I decided that coffee must smell much better than camel would, and that even with honey, locusts would taste yucky.

After class was over, Parker took his craft to Rob. "Who's that?" Rob asked.

"Oh, some new guy who wore animal hair and ate bugs," Parker replied.

~ ~ ~

Earlier this week, Rob took the kids and I to Culver's for dinner. The kids meals came with frozen custard for dessert. The servings were quite large in reference to the typical "kiddie" portion, and as soon as I saw Parker's, I knew he wouldn't be able to eat it on his own. Nathan and Kaytlin were more than happy to oblige in helping him polish off the treat.

"You guys should tell Parker thank you for sharing," I said in my best Mom voice.

"Yes, say thank you for me!" Parker sing-songed with glee.

~ ~ ~

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