Tuesday, May. 07, 2002 || Private problems

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A few weeks back, our family went out to eat with a large group, about 20 or so of us all together. And don't you know that it is at times like these that, almost without fail, at least one of your children will embarrass you?

This time it was the 4-year-old's turn. Parker had to go to the bathroom. This is standard procedure whenever we go out to eat. We are lucky if we make it through a meal with only one trip to the restroom.

Parker announced, loudly as usual, that he needed to go potty. So, being the good mom that I am, and noticing that my darling hubby was engaged in conversation and totally oblivious to Parker's plight, I dutifully took him to the bathroom.

Upon our return to the table, Parker stood up on his chair and announced, louder than ever...


"Shhhhh!" I whispered, fighting the urge to cover his mouth and duck and hide.


Have I mentioned how tenacious our little one is?

So, being the good mom that I am, I immediately motioned to his dad.

"Your son has a problem that he needs your help with."

"What's wrong, Parker?"


Dad quickly wisked him back to the restroom to make the necessary adjustments. And if anyone at the table heard, they didn't let on.

Perhaps they thought my red face was from the jalepenos.

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