Thursday, Jan. 02, 2003 || I feel....prickly!

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We awoke to yet another winter wonderland today.

I love snowfalls that cling to branches and fence posts. I love opening the door late at night as flakes are falling like powdered sugar and it seems you can reach out and touch the sound of quietness.

Parker was supposed to have school today, but it was cancelled. I drug myself out of bed early to check the closings reports, which of course took long enough that I was fairly awake. But there was just something irresistible about our down comforter and a slumbering hubby. So, I climbed back into bed and snuggled down.

It took me a while to doze back off. I should have just stayed up. The house was calm and quiet and a hot cup of coffee in that peaceful state would have been bliss. Instead I finally fell asleep and slept too long.

Now I feel like I am running about 3 hours behind in every thing.

I love vacations and school breaks, but I am looking forward to getting back to a normal schedule. One up-side to the “I-don’t-have-to-be-anywhere-early” status of this week is that I have logged up 6 miles of treadmill time.

Which is very good because I have been stuffing myself like the turkey I stuck in the oven yesterday. I went to bed last night knowing I shouldn’t have opted for that piece of apple pie. But the exercise is paying off because the scale is remaining at the same level.

Still, today I am determined to only eat when hungry. Which can be difficult when the entire family is eating lunch and you are just not hungry. So, instead I sat with them and sipped on a cup of green tea with mint.

I am pleased with myself, but there is some fresh salsa and chips calling me…

C’mon hunger pangs!

Rob says I have been “prickly” today. Translation: uptight. I am not sure what my deal is, but he is right. I just feel kind of out-of-sorts. I hope it is not a prelude to the flu-bug P had yesterday.

I will leave you with this. I downloaded some pics from my camera today. I neglected taking all but one during our New Years Eve gathering. This is what the guys did most of the night…

(In this photo they are playing with an Atari system…yes, folks, Avon sells a system with 10 of the games just like in the 80’s, except the entire thing is housed in one joystick which you plug right into the TV. Nostalgia seems to have been big business this year.)

Marn has inspired me to log my own "miles to no-where" this year. So, miles to-date: 2.

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