Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2006 || Of all things to be clairvoyant about, eh?

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**Warning - this is probably what one would consider a TMI entry for any and all male readership.**

For the past two months, I've had a dream that I get my period. Okay, so not such a weird thing for a gal who gets that blessing of womanhood pretty much like clockwork every four weeks. And not so weird considering that that there is absolutely no reason I shouldn't get that monthly joy unless I am entering early menopause.

The weird part is that I have a dream - usually about other stuff - but in said dream, I realize Bertha has arrived. And when I wake up, voila, sure enough, she has.

I guess that wouldn't be all that odd if it was on the "due date" (you see, I've always been pretty much a 28th day gal). But for the past two months, I've either lagged behind a day or two, or I've "gotten lucky" and she's arrived a day or two early.

Of all things to be clairvoyant about, eh?

At least I'll be in the clear for Ho-Ho-Ho day.

**Okay, guys, you can resume reading now.**

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