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Those of you who have, or have had, little boys know that from early on, those of the male persuasion (“tripods”, as dear Marn would call them) have a fascination with a certain appendage. Sometimes it almost seems as if a pull string is attached between that nether region and one of their hands.

Now that my boys are several years passed the newly-potty-trained stage, incidents of walk-by grabbings are fewer and farther between. But every once in a while there is a fall back into this behavior. Just the other morning, Parker was, ah…urm…adjusting things and I said, “Leave your privates alone.” His quick reply?

“I don’t like when it’s stickin’ up. I am trying to get it down.”

To which yours truly suavely quipped, “You have to leave it alone to get it to go down.”

Yup, I am up for mom-o-the-year.

My lovely sister should too be nominated. Her little guy, Josiah, just finished potty training. Of course, things feel a lot freer in a pair of briefs than they ever did in a diaper. Little Josiah can’t help but check out the goods for himself.

When Parker was at that stage, I calmly told him to leave his privates alone. But, oh no, not Janie. Janie has always been quite creative.

“Josiah, stop touching it or it will fall off. Your sisters both had one and they wouldn’t leave them alone and now they don’t have one. They fell off.”

You know, I think she just might have me beat!

A previous nominee, my friend who I will refer to as D, gave this bit of sage advice to her sons when they complained of the “my pee-pee’s stickin’ up!” syndrome:

“Wave your arms in the air and it will go down!”

I can just picture them walking calmly through the aisles of Target, stopping abruptly with a curious look on their faces, and then waving frantically.

And finally, before I leave you alone to ponder this profound subject on a cold Tuesday in February, I am reminded of one more story. My dear friend, Tammy, noticed one morning that her son had a red line on his forehead.

“Skyler, what happened to your head?” she asked.

He proceeded to show her how he leaned forward with his head against the toilet seat to get just the right angle for that early morning potty-time.

You know, those suckers can be hard to point in the right direction at times!

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