Saturday, Mar. 08, 2003 || When a poptart means a coupon

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It is fun to just be an auntie for a change.

You can get into a soap bubbles and water fight with your three year old nephew in the bathroom and have absolutely no guilt about it!

I suppose it helps that Janie is pretty laid back and didn't seem to mind, too much, the mess we made (hey, I did wipe the water off the floor!).

I haven't done much but relax since my arrival. I went shopping with my mother on Thursday night and found the cutest tankini. When I tried it on, she promptly told me I looked anorexic.

Janie, Tara, and I took our Mom-Mom out to lunch yesterday (missed you, Mar!). Janie and Brian made their kick-butt crab cakes for me last night; they are to-die-for. Janie then took me out for some chocolate hazelnut gelato.

If I am not careful, I might just put on five pounds or more this week! Up to Mom's treadmill I will go when I am done here.

Tonight I am going out with my best friend, Tammy. She is supposed to be taking me to a karaoke place. Should be interesting...

The two of us meet up with an old bud, J, after church tomorrow, and on Monday I am going to try to stop in and see two childhood friends, one whom I haven't seen in about 15 years. The other I have known for over 25 years. I do try to see her whenever I come into town, and I am always amazed that she hasn't changed a bit. Time has been very, very good to S.

I think sisters are just sometimes on the same funky brain wave. A day or two ago, I clipped a coupon for a cereal I like. Yesterday, Janie and I were in the grocery store and as we passed the cereal, I asked, "Did you bring the poptart?", to which she answered, "no", without a bit of hesitation. The goofy part is that I meant to say coupon and when I corrected myself, she said, "I know. I knew exactly what you meant."

Kind of scary.

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