Monday, Nov. 08, 2004 || Poke and prod week

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So, I've been awol for almost a week now. I seem to write in spurts, much like I tackle the never-ending home improvements around here.

I mean, really, how sad is it that we started fixing up the main bathroom almost two months ago and it is still not done? I mean, really, it was mainly a painting project. Hello?! Can we say, Procrastination Central??

Rob came home again this weekend so that he could see Kaytlin run in the city-wide track meet. She qualified to run in the 1600 meter relay. What we didn't know was that there were about 5 other schools that they'd never run against in this meet.

Kaytlin's team's seed time gave them a 4th place ranking. They finished third. Not bad.

I think Kay was a bit surprised that she didn't get right out in front of the group as she has done at other meets. She's fiercly competitive, and didn't look real pleased with herself, but she did put forth a good effort. I think this will motivate her to work harder, and we are looking into an off-season team so she can stay competitive and develop her burgeoning talent.

Parker came home today with a paper for a community basketball league and he is so excited he can hardly contain himself. We will look into that on Saturday. The price is reasonable, but the wording makes it sound as if they will practice every weeknight.

That's a bit much for a PeeWee 5-7 year old team, if you ask me.

And Nathan can now play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the violin without looking. Or is it "Jingle Bells... Hey, at least it doesn't sound like fingernails down a chalkboard.

The parents and grandmother came down for Kay's meet and it was an enjoyable, albeit brief visit. Much of the talk of the weekend centered around their "new" dog, a Jack Russel named Harrison (Harrison was Janie's dog, but her new hubby is alergic, so our mother "stole" him from J's ex-hubby....long story...). They talk about the pup like it's their fourth child. Totally cracks me up.

The latest tail (heh, I crack myself up) is that he turns the vacuum cleaner off with his nose as soon as they turn it on. Crazy mutt.

Truthfully, he is smart as a whip. And it gives my mother some purpose and "someone" to come home to, so if you ask me, it's the best thing that's happen to those two in a long time.

Sophia, Janie's second daughter, said of the dog during a recent visit, "I see you taught him some manners!"

Moving on...

Rob and I went to Richm0nd today; he actually had to set up some test points there, so I tagged along. We tried Pizzeria Uno, and man, oh, man, yummy stuff. We have one within three miles of home, so I think this will become a part of the dining out rotation.

The week is shaping up to be a busy one. Tomorrow I have MOPS, Wednesday Rob leaves for Chicago and I give blood, Thursday the kids are off school, and Friday I have my annual fun-with-your-neighborhood-gyno yearly check-up.

Man, do I know how to party, eh? Maybe I should call this poke and prod week.

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