Friday, Jul. 18, 2003 || Pitstop in ME...

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Just a quick note...

We are alive and making our trek through New England. We are staying in S. Portland, ME tonight. Tomorrow we are going to attempt to drive up into Canada through Vermont. I say attempt because we didn't have the forethought to bring any birth certificates or the kids' SS cards. Hey Marn, any tips for us Yanks?

I am not going to give you a rundown of our trip this time, as I am on a s l o w dial-up connection, but I do want to mention that we met Barb and her son, Vinnie, on Wednesday. Barb is just as warm, funny, interesting, and ornery (*wink* are these hotdogs beef?..) as her diary suggests. Rob took our picture with our digi-cam, which I will post after we return home.

Gotta get some sleep so we can get an early start tomorrow...

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