Friday, Nov. 12, 2004 || Perky GYNs

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It was about noon today when I remembered that I had that "poke and prod" appointment this afternoon.

Yikes! Just what I want to do on a gray and rainy Friday afternoon after I stayed up till 4 AM working on a template.

And as these things go, of course I wouldn't be able to find my insurance card. Of course Rob wouldn't know where his is either, should they allow him to fax a copy from WI.

I was certain my BP was going to be out the roof by the time I made it to the exam room.

My stress was all for naught, however. The front desk staff were wonderful, and told me I have 30 days to bring in my card. And while I was a bit concerned as to what the bedside manner of the doctor might be (I had been told, "DO NOT be late. She runs on-time, all the time, and if you are late, she will not see you."), I found her to be warm, considerate, and even perky.

Yeah, perky. Just the adjective one would want to use to describe their GYN.

I even scored some free cold sore med samples. I seem to be developing the same penchant for contracting them as Kaytlin has.

And for the first time in my life, I am having my cholestrol checked. I have matching needle pokes in each arm as a result since I gave blood on Wednesday.

Now I am trying to psych myself up to work on the budget.

Yeah, I party hard, I tell ya.

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