Friday, Dec. 03, 2004 || Perhaps more than that

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Someone take my temperature.

I never thought I would say this, but I want snow.

I really don't like snow all that much. At least not since becoming an adult and having to drive in it. It is pretty to look at if one can sit by a window, in flannel jammies with a steaming cuppa joe, but otherwise...


So, why in the world do I find myself longing for snow?

Perhaps it is the realization that it just doesn't snow much here in Southeastern Virginia. We might get a dusting or two come January, but save a crazy nor'easter every decade or so, this is just not a snow place.

Maybe it's just a case of nostalgia. Even if it didn't add up to much, we usually had a flake or two by now in St. L0uis.

Isn't there some pithy saying about wanting what you no longer have?

Rob and I will be back in the area in two weeks for a wedding. We will be there a year to the day of our move. Rob will preach at the church we planted there on that very day.

Sometimes I still miss our house there, the first home that was "ours". And I miss little things about the area, like P@nera, K0hl's, and T@rget just down the road. Movie nights with friends, even if the guys did pick the lamest flicks. The quiet view of the backyard from our kitchen table as those first flakes began to fall...

I have no doubts we were supposed to leave, that we were supposed to come here, and I am excited to think of spending our first Christmas here in a few short weeks.

But I find I am missing the snow.

And perhaps more than that.

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