Thursday, Feb. 08, 2007 || One of those mornings...

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The almost 15-year-old was in rare form two mornings ago. Tuesday, I believe it was, so maybe that makes it three mornings ago. At any rate...

She is a total bear (that is putting it mildly) if she skips a meal. So, I am constantly on her butt about eating breakfast. Well, maybe not constantly, but if she sleeps in, she tends to skip that meal, and then her brothers and I are treated to her pissy attitude all 20-30 minutes to school. So, really it is for the sake of my sanity, her brothers' emotional well-being, and because I like her teachers that I tell her she has to eat something in the morning.

That set her off. If I'd looked at the calendar, I would have remembered that she is also in that wondrous time of the month when hormones replace brain cells. We ended up bickering all the way to school. During the quiet moments, she sulked and pouted. I managed to keep my emotions in check, which makes me quite proud.

I was subbing that day, but, of course, she wouldn't dare walk into the school with her mother. As I finally make my way down the main hall, I see her hightailing it from the gym, crying. Not just crying, sobbing.

Oh, great. What in the world happened. Did the boy break up with her, did she catch him talking to her arch-nemesis...

"What's wrong," I ask, stopping her from running past. Though drama is sometimes her middle name, I really am concerned that something serious has transpired.

"I didn't know today is class picture day, and I look like SH**!!!" she wails.

Did I mention that she goes to a Christian school? A Christian school housed in the same building as a church? And did I mention that those very words were uttered right in front of the church office?

How many more years of teen-dom do I have left?

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