Monday, Jun. 17, 2002 || A-camping we will go

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Well folks, we are headed off to camp. I will be without Internet for 5 whole will I survive!? And how will you live without me, huh?

OK, so humor me.

I've received lots of neat responses to my last entry, so if you haven't yet read it, go here. It is MUCHO more interesting than this one!

I shared the story with some friends yesterday, but I wasn't going to say what Rob said. And you know, the guy made the same comment! Cracked me up.

Any-who, you all have a wonderful week. I intend to get lots of sun (can you say "tan", not "burn", boys and girls?) and somehow stick to my diet and exercise efforts, as I am a mere 4.5 lbs to goal. Wish me well!

And I will fill you in on all the fun-filled antics of our trip. Last time I was there I set the camp alarm off. What trouble can I get into this time...

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