Saturday, Oct. 05, 2002 || We're off to see....

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I won't be posting for a few days as Rob and I are going out of town. You might say we'll be off to do alittle of that cavorting Marn has encouraged us to do.

And, without kids! YIPPEE!!!

Now, don't get on to me for my glee over a brief sabbatical from day-to-day parentdom. All parents need some time away from their kiddos no matter how adorably irresistible they are. And it just so happens that Rob has a meeting in Springfield on Monday. And our anniversary is this month. So, we are celebrating early and taking off tomorrow afternoon for 2 nights.

I went to Kohl's this evening and now I have a lacy black goodie to taunt him with.

Tee hee.

I will not be giving a full report when I return, but I might tell you what we ate and where.

As for the rest, I plead the fifth.

Celebrate International Cavorting Day
Because everyone should have the freedom for random, senseless jolts of happiness!

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