Saturday, Mar. 01, 2003 || Neither witty or profound

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I don't have anything witty or profound to say tonight.

It is a typical I-am-the-pastor's-wife-trying-to-get-ready-for-church-tomorrow night.

I have less than 4 days to get ready for my trip back east to visit the folks, my sister, my cousin, and various and sundry other family and friends. And of course, I haven't even begun to get ready yet!

Oh, wait a minute. That is not entirely true. I went grocery shopping for the family today. They are stocked up with junk, I mean, convenience foods.

Generally when I go out of town, I stock the fridge and freezers only to return with most of said food intact.

Perhaps I should buy some stock in good 'ole Micky D's this week...

I am looking forward to hooking up with sixweasels and maybe even getting some weasel-love from her little critters.

Nathan and I went into a pet store today and they had little ones all curled up together asleep. They were adorable. I can see the lure. I said, "Look, Nathan, ferrets. Aren't they cute?"

"They look like weasels to me, Mom."

Smart kid. Fortunately for my pocketbook, he was content looking at the guinea pigs.

I am also going to try to hook up with an old high school chum that I haven't seen in about 15 years. I am excited about that. And my best friend is supposed to take me that should be interesting!

So, that is about it around here. Same old, same old, with a pending trip and all that goes along with preparing for it looming on my horizon. Good thing I am stocked up on hazelnut coffee.

Sleep is so overrated, you know?

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