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Had sent an email to the guy who offered me the job at the church with questions. I've been second-guessing myself about this position since Wednesday night. I really wasn't expecting him to offer the job and want me to start immediately - thought we'd still be in negotiations and I'd have time to think things over, but then the pleaser in me popped out and I said okay without talking it through with Rob, thinking through the hours (mostly late on Fridays and/or on Saturdays), or discussing pay (though he had given Rob a range).

He emailed me back last night and gave me the hourly amount. Gah, not happy with it (about $.50-1.50 less than I'd hoped).

So, I responded with the following email:

Thanks for the info. I will get with D tomorrow so she can show me the ropes.

Iíve been thinking things over, and unfortunately I donít think the schedule is going to be a fit for me. I really need to work in the mornings during the summer (and during school hours during the school year). If the auditorium and school entrance area canít be done on Friday mornings, then I am probably not the right one for this position.

I can, and will, fulfill the responsibilities and duties we spoke about on Wednesday for the next two weeks to give you time to find someone else. Or if you can shuffle responsibilities in such a way that I can work 2-3 mornings a week for 3-4 hours a day, I would be glad to fulfill that role. I also feel that it is only fair to tell you that my goal is to find something administrative and would likely accept such when the opportunity comes along (at the church or elsewhere).

I hope this doesnít put you in a difficult situation, and again, I can ďtempĒ for you through July 21st.

I know it is not standard business practice to let someone know you are looking for something else, but he is a friend, and because of that, I am being very transparent with him. I also didn't say this, but for what they are paying, if I really wanted to work weekends, I'd get a job at one of the wholesale clubs and make more than they are paying. The wage is okay for a morning job, but not okay for something that stretches into what precious little family time we have (really isn't any pay that is worth that, you know?).

So, that's that. I guess I will make a few extra bucks for 2-3 weeks, then it's back to the drawing board.


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