Friday, Aug. 11, 2006 || Stretching, debating, and a bit of unrest

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I thought it was about time to add an update since, I think, it has been close to two weeks since I posted the pictures from our fun little trip. We leave tonight to head back in that direction to pick K up, actually staying a Janie's tonight to save us about 2 hours worth of driving on Saturday. We might try to pop in on the Hall/parental abode, but that will depend on what time we get out of here, since I have about 6 hours worth of cleaning to do at the church, plus most of the packing still to accomplish.

At least it is only a one-nighter; that should make it easier.

Let's see, what's new...

- I've joined the PTA at K's new high school. I will be serving as the secretary. I was already tasked with making about 30 phone calls yesterday. Already being stretched - I HATE cold calling like that. But I really want to meet some folks and get my face in the school so that perhaps one day it will open some doors for me. Not to mention I just think it is good for a high schooler to know their parents are involved.

- Long story short, last Saturday night we were offered a free tuition benefit for all of our kids for the rest of their schooling (with some stipulations, of course) at the school where I taught last year. Our plan is to pass - the very things that caused us to pull them, save my crazy work schedule, have not changed. I am wondering when/if we will get asked if we are going to enroll them. Might make for a bit of weirdness since Rob is still part time staff there but we won't put our kids in the school. I don't have anything against Christian education. But my philosophy is, school is for education/academics first. If you can find a good one that also teaches Christian principles, that's fine. The fact is, that foundation should be built at home regardless of where the kiddos attend for their academics.

- I found a roomie for the retreat (did I already mention that?). Funny thing is, we are both on the committee, and we were both thinking of stepping down and not attending because we had no idea who to room with.

- Rob and I are both feeling a lot of unrest and frustration about some things that are too complicated to try to go into this morning, since I do really need to get my butt out the door and up to the church to clean. So, if you are of the praying persuasion, feel free to shoot up a few for us as we wrestle with some stuff - nothing majorly life changing as in a move or job change - but just some tweaking we may need to do within the next few months.

See ya on the flip side.

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