Monday, Apr. 17, 2006 || Rockin' Easter bands, camo eggs, and getting fit. Again.

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So we did the Easter thing with both sides of the family, as well as some honorary familia. Went to church with my best friend, T, actually getting up and going to the early one so that we could make an obligatory appearance at Rob's padre's.

What was supposed to be an hour visit turned into three. Seems to happen like that, but Rob seemed to be enjoying himself, and it's his dysfunctional family, and he seems to have put up with mine a whole lot more, so how can I gripe? They are actually okay to spend time with, though the step-MIL can talk the paint off the side of a house.

We eventually made it back to my folks' and had dinner. T came by, and she, Rob, and I hid eggs. And, of course, there was one that we never found. For some reason, madre thought it would be a good idea to give Rob camo eggs to hide.

Um, yeah.

My dad will likely find that sucker while he is mowing. (Can you guys hear him when that happens?)

My mom's brother stayed outside for a half an hour or more looking for that stupid egg, well past the time of interest the kiddos had over it. Cracked me up. Finally his daughter went out and convinced him it really wasn't that important to find.

Tenacity runs in the family. Or maybe its stubborness. Though tenacity sounds better. So that must be it.

Backing up a bit, the church we attended has an awesome band. Though the leader isn't the greatest singer I've ever heard, he has an infectious enthusiasm and passion. The whole place was just rockin'. That is definitely something I miss. Our church's music program is...well...let's just say that Kay compared it to a math class. Um, yeah. To their defense, they haven't had a music minister in two years, and the church is like 130 years old, so, well...'nuff said.

Last day of Spring Break and first official day of Nicole-needs-to-get-her-fanny-back-in-shape. Got on the scale on Friday and about fainted since it said I was just one lb. under what I weighed when I went on that diet three years ago. I wasn't naive enough to think I hadn't put some weight back on, but those three digits were a real wake-up call.

Was down 3 lbs already today, but I still need to stick to my guns and really give this thing a go. The goal is not as low as it was 3 years ago - I've learned enough to know that the weight I got down to looked good on a 20 year old, but not so good on a 30-something mom. But I am going to try to knock off 10-15.

And inches. Need to get a tape measure so I can see inches decrease. Because, really, if I could get the inches down and stay at this weight, that'd be okay. I am within a healthy range.

Or if I could get the weight to defy gravity and settle up a bit higher.

No bets that that will happen any time soon.

I really would just like for all of my cute capris to fit.

Anybody want to be an accountability partner on the Flabby to Firm '06 program?

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