Wednesday, Apr. 14, 2004 || Jammie day, anyone?

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Nothing really new and exciting to report.

I get to have a chat with Sass and BossMan tomorrow about my upcoming trip to R1chmond for training next week. 3 days. Rob wants me to take Monday off to get ready. I would really like to. BossMan assumed I would work the whole day and then drive there (I assume that night, or maybe Tuesday morning - he didn't really say). Sass hesitantly thinks I could take half of a day off.

Of course, she mentioned that when she and BossMan have gone away for training and seminars, they didn't take additional time off. I wanted to say, "You don't have three kids as well as a husband working a 10-12 hour per day job."

I am torn. I need to get ready and be ready for the drive, not just physically but mentally. And I am going to be away from my family for 3 days. Bossman just returned from almost 8 full days off due to religious holiday. Sass had a Friday off a few weeks ago and will go on maternity leave in 2-3 weeks. Tonny is taking Friday off. DramaQueen had 4 days off for the holiday she shares with BossMan (he is orthodox, she is not) and she goes out of town for 10 days on Thursday.

There isn't a day off in sight for me for a while with that schedule. But I also know we are very busy and I am needed in the office.

And I am the new kid with no seniority.

I told BossMan that I am torn, but my family does comes first. He just said we would all talk about it tomorrow. I want to be a teamplayer, but I have to set boundaries too.

This is all new ground for me.

I am already feeling a bit cheated, in some ways, that I was not told that I am salary. I have worked over 40 for the past two weeks now. I get paid the same. And the more I do, the more I realize my wage is pretty miniscual for what I am being trained to do, and already do.

I want to approach this all in the right way. I also want to request a day off in May so we can have a family weekend. My 90-day review is looming about a month away.

The stress is getting to me a bit. I enjoy this job and field, but I am realizing it is not my primary calling in life. I won't be doing this forever, but I do believe it is a great training ground for one day being a counselor.

Maybe I just need a jammie day...

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