Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2006 || Man, I need a hobby

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Valentine's Day was rather uneventful here. We actually "celebrated" on Saturday afternoon, just as the first flakes of the deluge began. A H1bachi chain in the area has been running these BOGO coupons for Friday and Saturday afternoons, so we went there, scoring steak, shrimp, and chicken and dropping a nice tip for $20 total (yeah, we cheaped out and got ice water, but to our defense, the water there is really tasty AND water is good for you, so it's the perfect choice!).

I made Rob a list of 20 things I love about him - one for each Valentine's Day and "2 for good measure" and left it in an envelope on his computer. He left me a little card - not a V-Day one, but a cute one nonetheless.

I also sent him this e-card, which totally cracked me up (have the sound on if you check it out). The kids and I laughed and laughed over that one.

I made a kickin' steak and mashed taters dinner, if I do say so myself. One thing I do like about a gas stove is the broiler. It does steak good.

I hate to admit that I was a bit disappointed in the day, though. Even though Rob and I had agreed to celebrate early because we had that great coupon and he hates the V-Day evening crowds, and even though he left me that cute little card, I was disappointed that he came home empty-handed. And I hate that about myself! I wasn't looking for anything big, just something that said he'd been thinking about me. I know, I know, one shouldn't need a Hallm@rk holiday to show a little romance or give a little gift, but he can be so good at surprising me - maybe that's just it. If he had brought something home, it really wouldn't have been a surprise.

Ah, well, he did put up with me mulling over cereal at the grocery store last night after we picked up the daughter's birthday gift. And yes, even though I had about 6 or 7 unopened boxes already, I bought 3 more. You know, when I get under 10, I start getting this tic...

Just kidding.

I also bought some lunch supplies for Friday, when my madre and sister come up to see the house. Well, madre has seen it, but Mar hasn't. I am going for something filling, yet low fat since I have been food journaling again. I hate the word diet, so I am not going to say that is what I am doing. I am also still within my healthy weight range, so another reason not to use that word. BUT, I have several bottom-half things that are either very snug or no longer fit, so I've been hitting the 'mill, lifting some weights, and doing various light aerobic stretches, while logging what I eat and trying to stay under what I should consume in a day.

I lost 2 lbs early on last week, but nothing since then. I am really trying not to look at the weight, but I have to log it for my journal program. But as soon as my stuff fits again, I will stop weighing myself. I don't want to get as low as I was a few years ago - I look back at pictures and think, "Whoa, what was I thinking?" Now I understand why some folks were concerned.

I am small-boned, so I do need to be on the lower end of the healthy range, but I do not need to get below it.

So, there's that. My current obsessions haven't changed much, have they? Cereal and weight.

Man, I need a hobby.

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