Tuesday, Jan. 07, 2003 || We need help

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Last night, I visited a quiz site and took a cute little quiz, “What sign of affection are you?” and received the following result:

What Sign of Affection Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Rob wandered into the kitchen as the results came in, so I roped him into taking the test too. He came up with “holding hands”.

(I can hear the collective “awwwwws” even now.)

To pass some time, we went to the main site and started taking some of the crazy little quizzes on there. If you put the three together that we took, here are our results:

I am obsessive-compulsive, funny-Asian-man, Gay-bear.

Rob is histrionic, hottie, Bondage-bear.

Yup, our lives are so exciting we have resorted to entertaining ourselves with silly on-line tests.

We need help.

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