Thursday, Feb. 09, 2006 || Name it, claim it!

Nicole feels The current mood of nacwolin at

Gotta love cyberspace.

Today I broke the lid to my crockpot. Within 15 minutes (it was just before dinner, so I did eat first!), I'd located the replacement part and ordered it online.

I guess in the past I would have had to buy a new one, eh?

~ ~ ~

So, I opened my big "mouth", albeit in the written form via this little ole blog, and lo and behold, we may actually get some o' the white stuff this weekend.

Do you think if I say how much I'd like to have a million dollars, that will be in the forecast too?

No? Well, can't say I didn't try!

~ ~ ~

The almost-14-year-old to her dad tonight (relaying a conversation she'd had with a friend):

"Well, maybe where you move to, the guys there will have the balls to ask you out."

Oh, me...

~ ~ ~

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