Friday, Apr. 25, 2003 || My own personal "Marn"

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I need my own personal Marn.

What do I mean, you ask, asks you? My yard is a mess. Weeds, dead leaves, half dead grass, more dead leaves...

Where, oh where is Marn-the-landscaping-diva when you need her?

Oh, yeah. Buried in late April snow in some other, northern country celebrating half a century with Mr. Wangitude. The nerve of some people...

I want my yard to look like this.

I might be able to run almost 2.5 miles without stopping, but I can't tell a peonie from a petunia.

Every year I decide this will be year I plant flowers and make the front yard look like something off of Home and Garden teevee.

What's that catchy little phrase about good intentions?

Marn, you wouldn't by chance make "house calls" to, say, the midwestern U.S. of A., now would you?

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