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Let's see...where to begin...

In first bell, I gave a re-issue of a detention, only to watch the chump crumbled his copy up, again. He got mouthy with me when we all went outside, so one of the male teachers escorted him to the ISS room. I wrote him up for his "You're not my teacher. You're just a sub-sti-tute. Get out of my face!" comments.

During another bell, one of my eighth grade darlings came outside to apologize for his part in that day. Apology accepted. He's been much better over the past week, so I told him to just keep it up and we would have no issues.

My problem gal (of the same class) from the first two weeks came and saw me as well. I had given her a detention for not dressing out, then a referral. She served the detention and has been totally different the past week and a half. So, the referral is on hold pending any other problems.

She actually smiles at me now when I speak to her.

And in seventh bell today, it was substitute teacher mutiny.

Let me start by saying that my class was doing alright. We got through the exercises fairly well, with the usual sluggards trying to weasel out of it. We were to join the other two classes outside for a fence lap (a big loop around the fields that equals about .5 mile) and then go back inside for indoor basketball.

The natives were a bit restless in the other two classes, which were manned by one of the permanent subs and a regular sub who has been with that class for about a week and a half now.

So, you do the math. Three subs and about 60 eighth graders, most of which are testosterone-challenged boys.

A huge bunch cut across the fields, which we had told them not to do, of course. At least two of those gents were mine.

The murmurings began. "Do you really expect us to listen to you; three subs? Yeah, right!", one girl from another class laughed.

Then as we told them to go back inside to the big gym, a group of dorks started throwing rocks and chunks of asphault at the tennis courts.

Yeah, they are that mature.

So, 10 minutes, two regular PE teachers, and one security guard later, I led my darlings back to the small gym where we started.

I expressed my gratitude to those who had done as asked, which was a good majority. I expressed my disappointment to those who joined in the antics of the kindergarten crew out on the fields.

"I know of at least two of you who cut the field, and perhaps there were more. I am asking you, on your honor, to tell me if you cut the field. I am trying to build trust with you guys, and so, I'd appreciate it if you'd level with me."

One young man raised his hand and said, "I cut the field."

I then tried to encourage them that I have been pleased with the turn around, overall, in behavior.

"Look, guys, if you dress out and participate, you're gonna get an A in this class. It's that simple. There isn't any reason for anyone not to get an A. It's just not that tough. If you have a bad grade at progress report time, it's because you didn't do those two things. It will be no one's fault but yours."

Some of the other teachers think we should have them all sit out again tomorrow and write essays. I can see their point, but I know at least half of my crew did as asked. I have a hard time assigning them busy work when they did nothing wrong.

But it's tough when you have almost 30 of them to discipline some and allow the others PE. We just don't have the manpower.

Add to this the fact that I have my first in I-don't-know-how-long cold/allergies/sinus-thing going on as we speak.

Needless to say, tomorrow should be interesting.

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