Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2003 || In spite of it all

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I am beat.

Between school, updating Rob's resume and posting it on-line at various and sundry places, meeting with a realtor, the reality of how very much we have to do to have this house ready to show in 13 short days...well, let's just say the only thing I really want to do right now is climb in my bed in my flannel jammie pants and sleep for about 2 weeks.

That doesn't mean I am not excited. I am just pooped.

The kids are holding up well. Kaytlin and Nathan were pretty upset when we first told them, but now Kaytlin is diligently cleaning out her room and marking things for yard saling, while Nathan goes about his merry-little-video-game-playing way. Parker, about once a day, reminds me that he does not want to leave his teacher. I tell him that we could always ask her to go with us.

It was really, really hard to tell Kaytlin's best friend. I feel like she is my own, and I cried as much as they did.

And it about broke my heart when she said, "You all will be back at least once a year, right?"

I hope we can do that, at least at first.

I know she is in God's hands. I know we are too - this whole thing is. It is just hard to leave, in spite of it all.

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