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You could call me the queen of useless information. Or at least a princess, since my little sistah is usually the reigning monarch (is there a feminine form of that word?) in that area.


So, Rob and I are watching the playoffs last weekend. Da Bears game. He says, "Have you ever notice the GSH on their jerseys?"

"Where on their jerseys?"

"On the sleeves."

(Insert Jeopardy music here.)

"It must stand for Papa Bear Halas," I reply.

"Ummm... I never knew The Superbowl Shuffle," he says, sort of puzzled with a dash of "yeah, right" in his tone. Does he doubt her majesty?!

This is where good 'ole Google comes in. Gotta love Google.

Verification complete, and I reply, "Yup, his name was George S. Halas. GSH. Papa Bear Halas. That's what the initials stand for."

Is there a nice word for smug?

BTW, I am playing around with a new blog site. Check it out. You may have to be registered to see anything... And use Explorer not Mozilla to see it properly.

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