Monday, Dec. 09, 2002 || Mondays for moi

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So, is anyone else woefully behind in their Christmas preparations besides me?


Mondays are a day off for Rob and I. We don't really get the weekend off, at least not until about 4 PM on Sunday and then on through Monday. That is the weekend for a pastor and his wife.

So, I have tons to do, but since it is my "weekend", I don't want to do anything! But I have to do something Christmas related. Anyone know what I can get my father that won't cost a ton to ship?

Oh, and it didn't help that I woke up with a killer headache this morning. For the most part it is gone now, but that did make for a slow start of an already want-it-to-be-lazy day.

Man, this is one disjointed entry, eh?

Hey, go by my baby sister's diary and wish her mega-birthday fun. I can't believe she is 27 today. She is making me feel old!

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