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We aren’t buried in the snow that my family and friends are, but we did get enough sleet (an inch) with snow on top (2-3 inches) to cause us to cancel church yesterday, a first for us. It was weird, but nice, to be able to snuggle back under my down comforter with Rob on a Sunday morning. Not to mention making pancakes at the leisurely hour of 11 AM for the clan. I added some pecans to mine and Rob’s, which I thought quite tasty (he wasn’t as convinced). I thought I might add chocolate chips next time too; what do you think?

One of my downfalls has always been that I have a huge sweet tooth, especially in the mornings. It wasn’t unusual for me to have a milk shake for breakfast as a teen (though I totally avoid that now due to the effect on the hipster regions). When Rob and I first married, I think I tried just about every kind of sweet and sugary cereal out there, and I have always been a huge fan of hot cinnamon and caramel rolls in the morning hours.

So, tell me, why wouldn’t chocolate chip and pecan pancakes rock as breakfast fare?

Anyhow, the roads are clear here, but the kids are home anyway due to Prez Day. It has been day two of Lazy-Fest 2003 at the L Abode. Two of three kids have remained in their pjs the past two days. I too have joined in most of the festivities, save making a pot of chicken corn chowder and folding a basket of clothes yesterday and working out for 45 minutes today.

Yup, I am the model mom.

I did have a minor confrontation with our tenant. P has been living with us since the end of December. He has a good, part-time supervisor job with UPS, with hopes and plans to eventually advance into full-time work. This can take several years, however.

Some of you may recall that P proposed to J on Christmas Eve. A May date was set. She too has a good part-time job, and is also a full-time college student. Neither has lived out on their own to-date.

J’s papa helped them run some budget numbers, oh, about a month ago. Actually, it may have even been a month and a half ago. It was painfully obvious that if they are going to be able to get even a small, one bedroom apartment and allow J to continue her degree pursuit, P will have to secure another job.

I can probably count on one hand the days that P has went out to seriously seek more employment. Rob has talked to him on more than one occasion about the need to make a job out of finding a job, of proving to J that he is serious and that he plans to, and will, provide for his family. He has hung his head, apologized, and pledged to take this all more seriously. In the meantime, they decided to move the date back to July.

Today when he came upstairs, obviously ready to head out the door (this was about 2 PM, mind you), I matter-of-factly inquired, “So, where are you going job-hunting today?”

“Unfortunately, I’m not. I stayed up too late. I am heading out to B’s”

“Ah,” I said. “Are you planning to eat dinner here?”

“Probably not. I will probably grab a bite out there…”

And as I watched him head out the door, I had finally had it.

“I need to tell you something,” I said, and he paused at the door.

I proceeded to tell him I did not understand his lack of initiative in finding employment and that I was frustrated and very close to telling J she should seriously consider calling off the wedding. I asked him what it was going to take for him to get serious about this. I questioned how he could just blow a day hanging out with a friend when he should be out turning in job applications. I asked him what we were all supposed to think. Would it take charging him as much rent here as it would at his own apartment to give him the kick in the butt he needs to get serious about this? I even asked when he was going to get his head out of his butt and be a man.

He couldn’t answer me. I eventually just said, “Well, I have made my case, and you know how I feel.”

I think the military would do wonders for this kid.

When I walked into Rob's office after P left, he gave me the thumbs up and said, "I couldn't have said it better myself."

One thing this is showing me. I am determined to not make my boys helpless. It is painfully obvious that P has always had everything done for him, all his life. My boys are going to know how to wash their own clothes, clean up after themselves, and they will get jobs, whether they “need” them or not to help teach them some incentive and responsibility.

Okay, end of that rant!

On Friday, Kaytlin received her first Valentine from a male other than her daddy. When I asked Rob if she told him, his reply was:

“Yes. I think I am going to have to kill him.”

Our little girl is growing up. She will be 11 in 5 short days. She has asked for money for a trip to the mall with her best friend rather than a party with many friends.

Yup, she is growing up.

She really is a good kind, albeit quite hormonal as of late. She has the emotional rollercoaster ride down to a science.

She scored 6 points at her last basketball game, which they won for a change. Her teacher came to watch her and as we chatted I learned that our little girl has great study skills, is a hard worker, and does what is expected of her. She is very self-motivated, always has been. If she knows what is expected of her, she does it. She is a list-maker. She hates for plans to change, and boy will she let you know it. Her name means “pure”, and she is just that when it comes to feeling things: there is no middle ground with Kaytlin. She walks in a world of black and white.

And sometimes I wish she wasn’t so much like me.

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