Monday, Jan. 06, 2003 || Monday blahs

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I woke up tired and proceeded to drink my cup of coffee, spend some quiet time with God, and, as my darling spouse would say, “geek on the computer”. By the time the kids had left and Parker was awake, my insides were feeling slightly unattached.

As much as I would love a day to lay in bed and sleep, I do not relish the thought of that being accompanied by the stomach bug that has hit three of the six occupants of this house in the past six days.

Not to mention I have a resume to write, decorations to get back into storage (yup, folks, the tree is still up, and a checkbook and budget spreadsheet that is woefully overdue for updating.

So, what have I done to that end today?

Play spider solitaire with Parker and walk on my treadmill (I only ran for 3 minutes today; just didn’t want to push it in my current state of queasiness).

Oh, and I found this silly test on M’s page. Many of the images for the other results are PG-13 or more, so proceed with caution should you choose to take this quiz.

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?

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