Wednesday, Jan. 08, 2003 || Mo-Mo genetics

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Last night the parental units called just to jaw.

It still is a bit unnerving when my father calls just to chat. I sort of feel like saying, “Uh, hello? Are you the same man who lived in our house for the first 18 years of my life?”

It is actually a change for the good, but still slightly weird to me nonetheless.

Of course, he eventually handed the phone over to my mom and as we talked, Parker announced that he was finished with his dinner.

I turned around to pick up his plate and noticed that all of the lettuce from his taco was underneath some school papers I had left on the table.

“Nice try, buddy,” I said. “Eat your lettuce.”

He whined and cajoled. My mother heard the entire exchange, laughed, and said:

“Don’t you remember Marlen used to do that?”

When I told Rob about the incident, he said, “I guess he just had a Mo-Mo moment!”

I am now going to blame all of his funky habits on the Mo-Mo genetic influence. I mean, the kid looked just like her when he was a baby. If I wasn’t so completely sure he had burst forth from my loins (all 8 lbs 13 oz of him), I would have swore he was her kid. And how weird is it that he was born on the exact same day as her firstborn?

I just hope he doesn’t start chewing used gum or eating burnt cheese

Love you, Mar, mean it!

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