Tuesday, Sept. 07, 2004 || Bald heads, Heartland trips, and bunches of moolah

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I have hit a bit of a writing drought as of late. I am really not sure why. Life is cruising along at a nice pace; nothing too stressful or exciting.

Perhaps that is it. I have to be in total angst or unabashed joie de vie (sp?) to have something interesting to write about.

~ ~ ~

I went on a ladies retreat Friday night (which, by the way, was quite enjoyable) and came home to find Rob buzzing the boys' heads.

Let's just say (and please, do not take offense at this), Parker looks like a cancer patient or war camp refuge.

The boy is basically bald. And he is skinny as a rail to boot. Good thing for those big baby blues, or he would look really, really pitiful.

~ ~ ~

Rob and I are trying to plan an anniversary trip, and it looks like my madre is going to come down during part of her vacation this month so we can have a bit of a jaunt. The timing of it falls during his time away. Which is both good and bad.

Good because work will pay for his ticket, the rental car, and the hotel.

Bad, because we will probably be going to the dream anniversary destination or either Kansas City or Oklahoma City.

Woo. Hoo.

Really, it will be nice to get away together no matter where it is. And I am sure we can find something fun to do in the Heartland, or at least something to get the heart rate up...

~ ~ ~

The kids went back to school today, and I dropped Rob off at the airport about two hours later and then promptly went to T@rget and spent a bunch o' moolah.

Well, I guess it depends on how you define "bunch o' moolah". Whatever the case may be, let's just say it was very, very nice to be able to try on clothes without my cell phone ringing and a pre-teen lamenting, "aren't you done yet?"

~ ~ ~

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