Thursday, Mar. 13, 2003 || When the state of Misery is actually quite nice

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Back in the state of Misery...

Can’t think of any place I’d rather be, actually!

I could bore you with all the tired, old clichés – there’s no place like home, and the like – but I won’t.

Even though it is oh-so-true.

I could also tell you about – *ahem* - other things…

But, I won’t.

Use your imagination if you must, and make that thought ten times better.

So, anyway, my flight back was about like the first. Uneventful. I had a layover in Columbus, but didn’t have to de-plane. I was happy to see Starbucks just before my gate in Baltimore, allowing me a Caramel Macchiato for the proverbial road (and it was much, much tastier than the one we got in GB, Janie).

My flight arrived a bit early, so Rob and kiddo #3 finally found me waiting down by luggage claim at just the time I was ready to give him a call and let him know we were early. Parker made a flying leap for me, squealing “Mommy!” which is always one of the best parts of coming home.

On the way to lunch, the school called. Nathan had a fever, so we had to make a slight detour before grabbing some bbq brisket sandwiches, which were delectable (they would be to this area as crab cakes are to my “hometown”).

The remainder of the day, I pretty much just chilled. Even got a short nap. We dropped Kaytlin and a friend off at AWANA and then met up with some folks at Chuck E. Cheese. I was in bed by 11 PM, Rob laughing at me as I rolled around sighing, “My bed! My pillow!”

I was exrememly disoriented when the alarm went off at 6 AM, so Rob took over once again and got the kids off to school while I slept in. Have I said what a great guy this one is?! He even brought home bagels and coffee for breakfast. I tell ya, this gal is greatly blessed.

I registered my littlest man for kindergarten today. Mostly painless, except for that little twinge in this mommy’s heart. My baby starts school in less than 6 months. Seems just yesterday I held the little sweetheart in my arms for the first time.

Rob met with the pastor of the church we are going to be renting from starting next month, and our monthly rent is going to decrease by $700!! This is so, so cool, and will be a big relief for our small congregation. The monthly amount will increase as we increase in size. Major blessing.

Oh, and one of the major stressors in our lives is resolving itself in the next few weeks. Big relief for both Rob and me.

So, I got to spend a really good week catching up with family and friends, enjoying some of my favorite foods and not doing a lick of housework (thanks, Janie!). And then I come home to a beautiful family, my warm, comfy bed, a snuggly hubby, bagels and coffee in the morning, and much good news.

Don’t pinch me, because I don’t want to wake up!

~ ~ ~

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