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Stole this from Val. I fear I've been a bore lately. Maybe this little tidbit will be more interesting!

5 Things in my Refrigerator:

1. Guacamole. My latest favorite snack craving.
2. An almost empty bottle of white zinfandel.
3. Coffee that I fresh-ground myself a few days ago. I tend to grind several days worth at a time, but not more than 5 days or so.
4. Mango/Passion Fruit juice. I don't drink it, but Rob and the kids do.
5. Sno-caps. Love to grab a pinch when I have a sweet tooth craving.

5 Things in my Closet (Val called it a Wardrobe - we have those here to, but they are stand alone type o' things, and mine isn't like that.):

I am going to do as Val and describe things other than the standard clothes and shoes.

1. My old prayer journals.
2. A bottle of Malibu rum.
3. Accessories for my new cell phone.
4. The ball cap I wear when I run
5. M&Ms. Yes, they are hidden from the rest of the family.

Five things in my purse (Val called it a handbag):

1. Several lip glosses I never use
2. Many coupons for restaurants
3. A few gift cards (Old Navy, Starbucks, AMC theaters)
4. Various and sundry receipts.
5. A small coconut lime spray (cologne-type stuff)

5 things in my car:

1. Various CDs.
2. Coupons for Great Clips products and a free soda at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel.
3. Empty breath mint container (was Rob's).
4. Half filled water bottle (was Parker's).
5. Sun shade.

Okay, feel free to swipe this and do it yourself, my friends. And drop me a line sometime...let me know you are still out there!

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