Tuesday, May. 30, 2006 || Tell me it's water retention...

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This weekend was a challenge, to say the least! What is it about holidays and extended family that tends to make us consume more calories than we should? Grrrr…

The weekend actually started out great, as I mentioned (I think) in my last entry. I even had the energy to trim the entire yard and walk around the neighborhood with Rob that evening.

So, that was the good. Now to the not-so-good. Rob and I had lunch at a Hibachi place on Saturday. I didn’t finish my shrimp, but that was the first time I allowed myself in a long time something as high in *bad* carbs as fried rice. I also had another piece of my ice cream cake that night.

Sunday morning, the scale indicated that I was back up a half pound, but still down a half pound overall from Friday, so I wasn’t going to stress. Plus, I weighed in about 2 hours earlier than the day before. I also managed to do pretty well the first half of Sunday and even Sunday afternoon – we had steak for lunch, but I had a very small piece. But then my best friend rolled into town and brought lacey cookies. Then she, Rob, and I went to Arby’s for dinner and I had 1.5 potato cakes with my *healthy*, plain, grilled chicken. THEN Janie and her family got to the house, and she broke out the fresh-made deli style potato chips, bacon horseradish dip, and a bottle of cab sav that she and I polished off completely while we all played Texas Hold'em (Rob won, again, of course).

I woke up yesterday feeling, for lack of a better description, bloated. And the scale said 138!!! WHAT in the world!?!? Could half a bottle of red and some chips and dip really add 1.5 lbs????

Then we had *the cookout*. And I tried to be good. And I did watch portion sizes. But there were baked beans, garlic parmesan pasta salad (with extra parm and pepperoni) that Janie whipped up, and a Boston cream pie she brought that I just had to have a sliver of (and seriously, it was only a sliver). And White Zin.

So, as of this morning, the scale said 138.5. My fingers are swollen, and I still feel like I am retaining water for some reason, though I didn’t eat anything after about 5 PM and drank a good 8 cups of water from then till bedtime. Could be PMS, I guess. Or maybe the heat and humidity? My best friend and Rob seem to think I am retaining water because of the wine I consumed this weekend (does that happen?).

The only *redeeming* aspect of these past 4 days is that I am down another .5 inch (1/4 inch in two different areas). Maybe a bit of muscle building? I do know I was sore on Sunday, as if I'd been running and/or weight lifting, but I didn't really know why, except perhaps from helfting the trimmer around the yard that evening.

So, who knows. Everything fits the same or better.

I just hate that the scale is telling me I still have 3.5 lbs to go.

Was it worth it - the increase in exchange for the weekend we had? Yeah, I think so. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It was cool to see my dad relaxed for a change. Even if I do have to work a bit harder this week, the food totally rocked.

And the company was even better.

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