Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2003 || Kleenex and some chocolate candies

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Parachute pants. Yes, I wanted them. Yes, almost everyone at my 8th grade boy-girl party wore them. Yes, they were the hippest, coolest thing going in the spring of 1984.

No, I never owned a pair.

Be very, very sad for me.

(There. Are you happy now, Janie?)

The middle school years are an interesting time in a person’s life. They can be sad and even traumatic, as polly-esther so poignantly pointed out. They can be silly and fun. Angst filled one minute, joyful and playful the next.

I am reminded of this because I live with an almost-middle schooler who one minute has tear-filled eyes because it isn’t warm enough to wear capris and sandles to school tomorrow and the next is outside with the 5-year-old, gleefully kicking a yellow rubber ball over the neighbors’ fence, their squeals piercing the cool Spring afternoon.

Middle school is often full of so many firsts. First kiss. First bra. First visit from that monthly wonder we all enjoy so much (not). First boyfriend. First heartbreak.

Mine was Danny. Ah, yes, doesn’t that sound like a first boyfriend’s name? I was “in love” with this kid all through 7th and 8th grade. He finally gave me his necklace to wear after showing my friend C and I how he could do the entire Thriller dance.

You can stop laughing now.

I wore that chain of gold with pride. I called him every night. I swooned and dreamed and sighed.

And after a month and a half, he dumped me.

I was inconsolable. I cried for hours. I gave him back his coveted necklace at school on Monday inside a sappy Hallmark card that I am SURE would make me cringe today.

And as we all learn, there really is a reason they call them crushes.

I sometimes wonder what happened to little Danny L. Last I heard he worked for MTV. I think he did some modeling in his college days.

It’s been almost 20 years now. And now I am looking at another thin, wispy-blonde, almost-middle schooler. And I am happy she is confident and strong.

My momma’s heart hopes her only heartbreak is a "lack of parachute pants”.

Life tells me to be ready with the box of Kleenex and some chocolate candies.

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