Sunday, Nov. 09, 2003 || It can't be Sunday already, can it?

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I am so tired. It has been one exhausting weekend as we've worked on the house to get it ready for our first "open house" today from noon to 2 PM. There is still much I would like to do, but no time left now.

I found out last night that the position I applied for at the church in VA went to the other applicant. I was a little disappointed, but the pastor seems to think I am overqualified and would like to utilize my abilities in another capacity in the future (turns out this is more a receptionist gig than an administrative assistant).

Somehow I have to try to watch enough TV between now and 7:30 AM tomorrow to view 9 perscription ads for my bio class.

I am needing a nap already!

And our football game is tonight. Despite my fatigue, I am really looking forward to my first pro football game.

Go Ravens! (The game will be on ESPN, so hey, you all should watch it too, though of course, it will be way cooler to be there, heh.)

Yeah, I am all about joyfulness and wit this morning.

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