Friday, Dec. 10, 2004 || I love my job

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I've "guest taught" about 8 times now, mostly in K@ytlin's middle school. When I first registered, I wasn't even sure I wanted to sub in middle school.

Hello?! I live with one! They are notoriously moody, mouthy, and dramatic.

But the school is bigger and statistically, I just get more calls from the middle school. So, I went. Then I went again. I've taught in all grade levels, including PE, and assisted in Special Ed.

And you know what? I love it.

I guess yesterday I was with a notoriously bad group of 7th graders, for English of all things. The "at risk" kids.

Other teachers from the team asked me how it went. And honestly, they were awesome for me.

Even if I hear, "oh, you have those kids", I am not going to assume they will be bad. I talk with them at the beginning of class, upbeat and positive, and tell them "I know we're not going to have any issues today, right?"

Sure, the bunch after lunch yesterday were a bit chatty. But with each class, I let them know that if they do their work quietly and follow my rules (which are basically summed up as "let's respect each other"), they can have hang time for the last five minutes of class. Now, the lunch bunch used up their hang time during class, but they still weren't bad. And now that kids recognize me, as I come down the halls, I hear, "Hi Ms. L!", "Who are you subbing for today?" and, "Aren't you K@ytlin's mom?"

One girl, upon learning that I was teaching in her class, gave me a huge bear hug.

I don't know if I could do this full time, all the time. I have it kind of easy, really. I go in, I follow a predetermined lesson plan (usually), and then I go home. I pick which days I want to work.

And the pay isn't as high as when I was staffing. But you know what? None of that matters. I love teaching, I love being with these kids, I love seeing them smile and even helping them learn when I get the chance.

I love my job.

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