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It is totally freaking cold here.

When the name of one's town has the word BEACH in it, it should not be this cold.

End of weather rant.

~ ~ ~

So. What has been going on around here?

K@ytlin had a funky mole removed on Friday. It wasn't a problem at this point, but they burned that baby off anyway. It looked like the doc took a soldering iron to it.

What was once a lumpy, bumpy brown thing is now a baby crater on her belly. We were told it will fade into nothingness over the next few months.

We celebrated with P@nera afterward. For the life of me, I can't get Rob to go there. I personally think it is one of the greatest restaurants in the world, but he isn't a soup and sandwich guy.


Anyway, while standing in line for a bagel pack, K@ytlin walked up and asked me a question. The woman behind me said, "Did she call you mom?"


"I thought you were sisters!"

(I am choosing to believe that she thought I looked too young to be the mom, not that Kay looked older than her almost-13-years.)

~ ~ ~

P@rker had his first two basketball games on Saturday. They won the first and lost the second. Poor little man jammed a finger during the first game, so he didn't see much playing time.

They are so cute at this age. Travelin' fools.

~ ~ ~

I did my civic duty once again on Monday (i.e., let the Red Cr0ss suck a pint of blood out o' me). I'd drank beaucoups of water that morning (I am valiantly back to downing much H2O while counting calories and going nowhere on the 'mill; more on that later), so the red stuff was just a-flowin'.

"Wow, you're fast," the blood techie person said with some admiration.

Yeah, so fast that even after holding my arm up and applying pressure, I still had a mini-geyser on my left arm.

"Oh, oh! You're still going!" she exclaimed, slapping another gauze pad on my arm.

Have blood; will gush.

~ ~ ~

Rob dropped in yesterday for the night between going from Memph1s to Buff@lo. The company he works for is infamous for changing plans a dozen times a day. When he departed last week, the plan was J@cksonville and Mi@mi. Woohoo for him. Short sleeved polos and a rented convertible.

J@cksonville happened, but after multiple redirects, he finally ended up in Memph1s where he was told that the next market would be Buff@lo.

A polo shirt and windbreaker would not a smart man make in that city by the lake (I think it's cold here...heh). So, he flew in yesterday afternoon to grab blizzard appropriate attire and headed back out this morning.

It was a bit disconcerting having him home like that. In a good way, of course. Except for the fact that I almost poisoned him by spraying the frying pan with lemon scented starch instead of Pam yesterday.

He can be a delectable bit of a distraction.

Spooning was so nice this morning we barely made it out of the house in time for him to catch his 12:30 flight.

~ ~ ~

P@rker stayed home from school, so he and I had some "mommy and me" time at P@nera. Weeeee! And it wasn't even my idea. How could I tell the little guy no, right? Poor thing had a fever and cough last night - he needed chicken noodle soup pronto!

On the way home, we stopped for some crickets for the finicky spider. This arachnid is something else. If it's bedding becomes less than pristine, the dumb thing stops eating. And I actually start to feel bad for it. It's a freakin' 8-legged freak (I hated that flick, by the way) and yet, I will scoop the little sucker up and into it's carrying case so that I can help N@than change it's bedding.

Am I nuts?

(Don't answer that.)

~ ~ ~

Oh, yes. Fitness and weight loss news.

I realized last week that I've gained roughly 20 lbs since we moved in December 03. Since I was on the low end of my ideal range, it hasn't made too awful huge of a deal. But, if I keep up at that rate....

Yeah, not a pretty thought.

The palm pilot and diet program are back in rotation. I've realized that I've just gotten too lax in too many areas. I need to have a goal, and I need to make my self accountable for what I put in my mouth each day.

Food journaling is a vital part of that.

I'd bought some pilates bands the other day and decided to give them a whirl the other night.

I kept wacking myself with them until I finally realized, "You know Nicole, these are just too short for you."

I grabbed a different kind yesterday from Wallie World, but have yet to give them a whirl. Or a snap, if you will.

Rob's jumped on the "watch what you put in your mouth" bandwagon with me, which is actually kind of cool. Accountability. Tis a good thing.

I think my "met goal" treat will be one of those Ch@ntico drinks from St@rbucks. Has anyone else tried that yet?

Sinful. Totally and absolutely sinful.

And the promise of one might just be the motivation I need to live on salads and soups and high fiber cereal for the next month or two.

This getting-older-diminishing-metabolism-hieny-spread thing is a vaccuum.

~ ~ ~

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