Monday, May. 16, 2005 || Little ironies

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Life is full of ironies.

I disliked PE when I was in school. Actually, despised may be a better word. I'd taken 8 years of dance, by the time I hit a "real" PE class in the 9th grade. One day of "gym" per week, as we called it back then in Catholic school, playing dodge ball doesn't really qualify. I too lacked that hand-to-eye coordination that Six spoke of in a not to distant entry that was vital to not looking like a fool when playing tennis or trying your hand at archery.

And now I am teaching PE.

I thought that Rob's departure from vocational ministry for a season would mean more time for us, for our family. Pastoring involves so much more even than time, and while it is a joy to serve in such a way, it can be overwhelming and even daunting. “Life in a fishbowl”, so to speak. So, the break from scrutiny and the freedom to just be us, a “normal” family was a welcoming thought.

Instead he's had a job for almost a year now where we hardly ever see him. The scrutiny is gone, but I miss my man.

And just last night I felt him climb into bed in the dark quiet of midnight and snuggle up against me. Spooning, that perpetually-comforting sleep position the last thing I recall before the alarm blared too early this morning.

Tonight I’ll fall asleep some 200 miles away from the one who warmed my bed just 24-hours before.

The writer in me falls silent. I search for her, but I can not find her. She has tiptoed away on velvet slippers. The canvas remains, but the paints are missing.

A girl with a journal, yet nothing to say.

Me? With nothing to say?!

That may be the greatest irony of all.

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