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The company Rob was contracted to work with has offered him a job in the DC area (4 hours away). He will be doing the same thing he was doing here, just in MD. He will be able to live with my parents during the week and then come home on the weekends.

The job is supposed to last about a month, at which time, hopefully, the market will reopen here and he will come back on here. It could also take 2 months, so we are praying that either 1) the job here is online again when the DC job is done, 2) something else comes up that will be what we need, in this geographical area.

We checked out two childcare centers today. The one we liked best doesn't have any afternoon openings, so we will probably go with the other. It is nice too, the other just had that slight edge that makes you go, "Gee I wish they had openings".

This is going to be hard for a bit for us - being apart - but this seems to be our best option so far. And they didn't have to offer this to Rob, so obviously they are seeing his value. This also gives time for something else to materialize, as he has many resumes out there.

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