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We are back from the-little-city-trying-to-be-a-big-city. The time flew by, as usual. I slept in this morning – well, sort of. I had to get up with Kaytlin and Nathan and then woke up again when Rob had to get up, but I slept another half hour after that. I am always so wiped out after a trip like this; I have learned to just take it easy the first day back. I am a much happier camper for it (and much more pleasant for my family to be around, I might add).

On the way down we take a winding, country road to the main freeway. As we were driving along, chatting about this and that, we saw some sheep in a farm. Several of them had been spray-painted, graffiti style, bright red over their dirty white woolen sides.

I guess some ole country boys were bored. “Hey, Jake, let’s go out and graffiti them sheep again!”

It was actually kind of disturbing.

Our home pastor had asked us to stay the extra day, so they put us up in a motel. We have stayed there before with no problems, and it is close to the church. Only this time it wasn’t as nice as previous stays.

Numero Uno. When I went to the little girls’ room, I noticed some dark red droplets on the floor by the wall. Hoping I was wrong, I wet some paper towels and rubbed on the area. Sure enough, it was blood. Can you say EWWWWWW, boys and girls? I thought perhaps someone cut themselves shaving and it was overlooked, but Rob noticed there were also spots going up the wall and on the ceiling.

Kind of makes you wonder…

I suppose if it hadn’t been so late when we checked in, we would have requested a new room (or if I had seen the stuff on the wall that night!)

Numero Dos. When Rob first sat down on the bed, he jumped right back up, then threw the spread off. We never sleep with the spread on anyway (you know, they don’t usually wash them every time; ‘nuf said), but it is kind of yuck when you sit down to find a gritty substance on it.

Numero Tres (probably spelled that one wrong). When I got up that morning, I made myself a pot of coffee. When I took out one of the cups provided – you know the type, they are wrapped in plastic for your ‘protection’ – and opened it, creamer powder went all over me. It seems that someone spilled creamer in the cup, then simply stacked it back together with the other ones.

I am glad I hadn’t gotten ready for the day yet.

Needless to say, Rob talked to the management and they weren’t going to charge the church. I am really not that picky as long as a room is clean and comfortable, but that was a bit too much. You know, blood in any aspect of a motel room really draws the line.

After our breakfast meeting at a new IHOP in town, which was actually really good (our IHOP here has terrible service), we drove out to Rob’s previous employer for a meeting (Rob has been assisting a friend with his web and graphic design business and they are clients). The owner is a great guy and has always been a good friend to us as well as a business mentor for Rob. He was surprised to see us there (Rob’s meeting was with someone else) and came in to say hello. I gave him a hug and he replied, “Oh, you sweet smelling woman, you!” Kind of took me by surprise. I am really not used to anyone besides Rob telling me I smell good!

Later that day after spending some money at our favorite book store, Rob said he wanted to go to Zio’s for lunch. Once there, warm bread on the table, he looked at me and said, “I meant Rio’s.”

“Rio Bravo?” I asked

“Yeah,” and he kind of laughed. Rio Bravo is Mexican food. Zio’s is Italian. I have to admit, I found it a little odd that he suggested an Italian restaurant, but I just thought it was because we don’t have Zio’s in our area.

The food was wonderful, though. We shared an appetizer and one of the best chicken caeser salads we’ve ever had.

As we were finishing up, I felt someone plant a quick kiss on my shoulder. My brain was saying, “Okay, Nicole, Rob is sitting on the other side of you. Who in the world…” I knew it had to be someone we knew...

Rob looked up and said with mock anger, “Hey, man, don’t be kissing my wife!” and started laughing. I turned and it was one of his friends, D. Then they all broke out into laughter, exclaiming how red my face was.

I told Rob later I wanted to know what was going on with his friends – first his former boss flirts with me, then D kisses me.

All in all, it was a nice trip. We were able to see some good friends at the meeting on Monday. Rob was part of a panel of church planters, and I really enjoyed hearing him speak about our experience. And at the ladies meetings, one of my favorite people in the world spoke, and well, she rocked! It was exactly what I needed to hear and confirmed what the Lord has been teaching me since last August.

As with any out of town excursion, it was just good to be home and sleeping in my own bed, under my down comforter, no gritty powder about, no blood on the floor or walls.

Yup, there’s no place like home.

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