Sunday, Oct. 19, 2003 || Life change

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I am not sure I mentioned it here or not, but Rob and I have felt that we were in a wilderness time. For like the past year or two. It hasn't been easy. We have second guessed so much. I got to the point recently that I was pretty much begging God to show us what to do. I was slowly watching my husband's passion for ministry die.

This week, the trees began to thin. The sky, blue, peaking through fall leaves.

Once again, defying logic and common sense, God is moving us to another place. The purpose is the same, but the geography is changing.

We are going back to VA. Yes, back. Some of you may not know this; we lived in VA from 1992-1995. Then we moved to MO for Rob to attend seminary in the fair Ozarks.

For the first time ever in our married lives, I could see that my husband felt at home in a place as we visited last week. I don't think he has ever felt like he fit in here. We are both "coasties" by birth, afterall. And I have always missed the ocean...

No jobs, as yet. No home, as yet. A home to sell here...

But we have absolutely no doubt that God wants us to move to the place we lived 8 years ago, return to our "home" church and serve in a voluntary capacity (at least for now - we have no agenda and will serve as such as long as God asks, though we would love to be a part of the ministry there in a full-time way - God will reveal His plan in that in time).

We plan to move over the two-week Christmas break. That's about 8 weeks from now!!!

We told the church today. Some were quite shocked. Some were not surprised at all, and are even excited for us. Their decision at this point is to continue you on and have us stay on through the 8 weeks as they begin the search for a new pastor.

If you are a praying person, please remember this young church. They really have been our family when no family was around. They deserve great things; they are very special to us.

And pray for us as we set the plan in motion. There are lots of details to work out; much to do to get to where we are going.

With much joy and a bit of trepidation as well...

Let the journey begin!

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