Thursday, Oct. 10, 2002 || My kind of workout!

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From the book Tame Your Fears by Carol Kent:

"One morning I hurriedly flipped on my radio. Chuck Swindoll was preaching and he quote comedian Fred Allen: "It isn't good to suppress your laughter because it goes down and spreads your hips."...Barbara Johnson wrote, "Doctors and physical fitness experts tell us that laughter is just plain good for your health...healthy people laugh 100 to 400 times a day....I read about a medical doctor who calls laughter 'internal jogging'....Laughing 100 times a day works the heart as much as exercising ten minutes on a rowing machine."...take time to laugh. It can actually rejuventate you."

So, laugh it up!

Celebrate International Cavorting Day
Because everyone should have the freedom for random, senseless jolts of happiness!

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