Friday, May. 28, 2004 || Wasn't it just yesterday?

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It has been an insane week. I am going to try to run it down in brief, because we are heading to Ch@arleston this weekend.

A dear friend of mine has pancreatic cancer. They've given her 6-18 months.

She is declining treatment.

She is 78, not married, no children. She told me, "Nicole, if I wasn't alone, it'd be different."

She doesn't know we are coming.

I can't wait to see the look on her face.

~ ~ ~

Rob has a new job within the same company. His base pay was raised, but now he will be traveling. As a matter of fact, he leaves for H0uston on Tuesday.

I am trusting God on this one...

~ ~ ~

A guy from the company, Joe, came into town this week to train Rob. We had him over for dinner on Tuesday night. The kids were eating in the family room so they could watch Americ@n Idol.

Parker came into the diningroom and whispered to me that he needed some help in the bathroom. I whispered back that he is a big boy and he could do it himself.

About 30 seconds later, he strolled passed all three of us and announced:

"Clean break!!!"

I thought Joe was going to fall out of his seat with laughter. I know my face turned so red. It took us a good 5 minutes to recover.

That kid keeps me on my toes.

~ ~ ~

I turned 34 on Wednesday. I can't believe it. I don't mind being 34. I just don't feel 34.

I can remember as a kid thinking about how I would turn 30 in the year 2000. That seemed so far away.

I like my 30's. I think it is a great decade for a woman. I feel so much better about myself. I have dealt with, or am learning to deal with, my issues.

I have a great family, who spoiled me with four (count 'em, four) Willow Tree figurines.

I realy am happy to be here.

I just wonder sometimes what happened to that 14 year old I seemed to be just yesterday.

~ ~ ~

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