Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2007 || Just say no? I hafta?

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I really hate that even after all this time, after convincing myself that I no longer have a problem telling people N-O, that the specter of disappointing people would rear its ugly head tonight.

I've been subbing quite a bit lately, which I am very happy about. When I can't, however, I am finding that I feel really guilty. And I especially feel guilty when I just don't want to! Which is part of the beauty of subbing. You can choose when you work!

Last night, I got a phone call inviting me to have lunch tomorrow with a couple of gals from church. I told the inviter that I could come if I didn't get called in to sub. I really didn't think I would get a call because it is the last week of the marking period/semester and all the teachers are finishing up tests, grading, etc.

And, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really don't want to work tomorrow. I'd subbed 5 days in a row, then had today off. I am subbing all of next week, and even have a day scheduled for the following week. (If you are keeping track, I've wanted to average 2-3 days per week, so I am right on target with about 10 days this month.)

Then I got the call. My night had already been thrown for a loop taking Rob to two different airports only to have two flight cancellations (another story for another time...let's just say that the south takes no chances when ice is in the forecast). So, I told the scheduler that I wasn't sure, and I'd call her back.

I talked it over with Rob and realized that the main reason I didn't want to just say, "No, I am sorry, I can't; I've already made plans," is because I didn't want to disappoint them (the school staff that will be affected). Not to mention I want them to keep on calling me (I've kind of worked my way to the top of the sub list by being available almost always)!

But I took a deep breath and called and told her I couldn't - well, I told her machine anyway. Because the reality is that I really want to have lunch with adults tomorrow and not have to deal with bratty 8th graders, who I'd have twice - and for 1.75 hours at a pop!

But I still feel bad...

Why is it still sometimes hard to just say no?

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