Monday, Jun. 05, 2006 || He deserves this

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On Friday, Rob was finally offered a permanent position with the company he's been a contractor with for over two years, and they majorly low-balled him.

Benefits are great, but we need them to come in 10-15K higher annually. Their offer was a good 15K lower than he made last year, three-quarters of which was at a lower payrate.


But he went to HR today, showed them a recent paystub and how he is on track to make significantly more this year than they offered. HR agreed and is taking the numbers to management.

No promises, but they wouldn't have asked for Rob to come in with other numbers today if there wasn't some room to negotiate, right?

If you are so inclined, please pray that they come back with a viable offer. Rob really wants this. Friday's offer was a bit of a blow for him.

He's worked really hard, and he deserves to finally get some recognition for it.

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