Saturday, Mar. 20, 2004 || Freaky Friday, turning tummies, and pooped out painters

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The Tw1light Z0ne-ness of the week continued through yesterday. Stuff like, "Have you heard from so-and-so" and the phone rings and it's them.

Monday, usually nutso-busy, was like the calmer Wednesday, and the normally steady Tuesday was like a crazy Monday, and well, Friday was just plain nuts.

The kids - all three - came down with a stomach virus yesterday. Started with Nathan at about 6 AM, tricked down to Parker around 1 PM, and then Kaytlin was joining in the festivities by evening time.

I will spare you the details, but I can say that I am actually glad they were all sick on the same day. And today they are all seemingly back to their normal it's-Saturday-let's-be-loud-and-watch-Sponge-Bob-and-bicker-over-the-remote selves.

I was actually called from work yesterday to pick up Parker (Nathan didn't go in at all and was with his dad). He had his feet up at the nurse's clinic, a slight smile on his pale little face. The nurse told me what happened, then said:

"He is funny. Most kids come down and say, 'I'm sick' or 'I don't feel good'. He walked in and said, 'I puked.'"

He gets that from his father.

~ ~ ~

I have to say that I have been missing you all! I am trying to read more entries during the week so that I don't have to spend 3 hours catching up on the weekends. But I still find I am not writing as much. Like by the time I get home, I am too brain-dead to concoct an entry of any type.

And I miss your notes! (How's that for a shameless plug for some guestbook love?)

~ ~ ~

In the midst of everyday life, I find my heart heavy for a friend whom I believe is about to make a big mistake for this time in her life. I believe the timing is off. That what this person believes is "God's plan" is not.

I can't say what they want and plan will never be right. I am not sure about that. But I see so many red flags - as one friend put it, "this is 6 flags over Texas stuff!"

I shared my thoughts, my heart in the matter. Now I will just wait. And pray. And trust her to God.

This morning I read something interesting about the way God speaks to us. I am in a Bible study called Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God. In this study, we are learning how God "speaks" to us.

I had relayed four things to this friend when we spoke the other night, about how He speaks: through the Bible, prayer, circumstances, and other Christians.

What I read this morning actually said "the church", not "other Christians". Hmmmmm. Interesting. This friend is not part of a church family anymore. And one of the ways God reveals and confirms His plans for us is through the church.

Granted, church isn't always a safe place. My family and I are personally blessed to be a part of an amazing church here.

What I realized in reading that is that Christians are really shorting themselves if they do not seek out and find a body of believers that they can be a part of. Not only is it a source of encouragement and a place to worship, God reveals Himself and His plans through it.


~ ~ ~

Sass's baby shower is tomorrow, so sometime today I get to go out and buy adorable little girlie things for "Baby L". They haven't settled on a name yet, so that is what we all call her.

Tonnie brought in her gift yesterday; she won't be at the shower. Sass was literally dancing in her seat when she saw the gift bag. And the oo's and ahh's and aww's from her, Drama-Queen, and me were hysterically loud and overdone, but what fun! A new little life, just about 8 weeks from making her debut into this world.

Amazing stuff.

~ ~ ~

Me sitting here in my pjs is not getting anything done around this house, but it is so much more fun.

But I think it is high time to finish some painting so that the shelves can be put on the book shelves again. Yeah, that's right, the book shelf sitting in our livingroom, the one you see as you walk in the front door is empty of all but one packed box. Which the cats use as a perch.

It's been like this since sometime last month, and all because we haven't painted the wall behind it. Why load it down with books when we will just have to move it to paint, right?

Have I mentioned how tired I am of painting...?

~ ~ ~

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