Tuesday, Jun. 08, 2004 || Still feeding that inner gardner

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Adventures in gardening at the L casa continue. Would you believe that I got up early just so I could go outside and finish transplanting flowers?

Quick, somebody take my temperature!

Once I got those in, it was time to get Parker off to school and I went off to Appl3bee's to meet Sass for lunch. It was nice. I told her my reasons for leaving. I gave my recommendations for the next coordinator. She listened intently and was very understanding.

I could work with her again, that's for certain.

Next stop, T@arget for an adorable "welcome" rock for the aforementioned flower bed and a couple other odds and ends, including a pack of toe rings.

I adore toe rings. They are fun. They say summer. I am lovin' the toe rings.

I hit the Depot next, returning the trimming I bought yesterday and buying every last landscaping rock (they are actually gray pavement rocks, but I am digging a small trench and sitting them upright along the front of the bed). I kind of knew there weren't enough when I purchased them, but when that's all there is...

I am four short.

If I wasn't so stinkin' tired and sore and Nathan didn't have a choir concert tonight, I would head back to a different Depot (oh, yeah, we have like 3 within a 5 mile radius of our house) and purchase the remaining stones and some weed killer for the other bed.

Generally, I wouldn't use that stuff, but there are some suspicious plants in that bed. I am remarkably allergic to poison ivy and sumac so I best not take any chances.

In other words, I swell up like the elephant man.

All you gardening officianatos, how long can you keep flowers in their pots after purchase? I have four that need transplanting to that bed and not sure how long I can wait.

Did I mention how tired I am?

Hence the plan for this evening is frozen pizza popped in the oven for the kiddos, Nathan's concert, a maybe-stop at Micky D's or some such place for icecream and then my bed.

The one with the sheets and pretty comforter.

How much ibuprofen can one safely take?

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