Saturday, Dec. 06, 2003 || Are you tired of hearing about our impending move yet?

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I am still feeling a bit overwhelmed with this impending move. I know that God often waits till the "2-minute warning" so to speak, but it is so hard when you are experiencing it!


Our house is still under contract; the required repairs from the home inspection were nitpicky but minimal. All seems to be sailing along well for closing on the 19th, so please continue to pray that there are no snags in that.

We still do not have a house there. Rob needs to go out to VA next week to get his pass for the base (his day job is on base, working on the Navy/Marine intranet project), so he wanted me to go too so we can find a house/apartment/something! However, I still have classes, we still have much to do around here and our poor Kaytlin was devastated that she might miss yet another school event because of a trip. We didn't want the kids to miss any more school, but don't have anyone here we can really lean upon so heavily to keep them, take them to school, etc.

I was so torn! I did want to go, but I watched our little girl bawl her eyes out Thursday night, and I could just tell that she had had enough. She is only 11 and I don't think we can expect her to understand how important it is to go out there next know what I mean? She isn't trying to be selfish; she just wants to be at this school event with all her friends for one last time.

We started discussing options. The scary part is, worse case, if we don't find a home in VA, the kids and I will have to live with my folks in MD to finish out the school year (which means the kids will go to three different schools within 12 months).

Not to mention my mom is neurotic at best lately.

Did I tell you my mom is neurotic?

Anyhow, yesterday I started thinking that perhaps Rob just needed to go out there, by either pricelining a ticket or driving one car and flying back. I spent some time praying and reading Scripture and basically just begging God to show us what to do.

Guess who called with the same ideas about a half hour later?

So, Rob will drive out on Tuesday, taking our smaller vehicle. He will look for a house and/or apartment and finish up some loose ends/interviewing for his two jobs. He will drive up to my parents' 4 hours north on Friday night or Saturday morning to leave the vehicle with them and fly back here in the late afternoon.

I think this will work out best for all of us. It will be hard to not be there to look at homes, but he is going to take our digital and video cameras. I have spent the better part of two days researching homes and apartments and he has a good list to work from, not including anything the realtor comes up with.

Now I just have to find a sitter for the kids on Tuesday night and Saturday morning for some college stuff I have to do.

Oh, and get this, last night Rob gets a call from another company working on the same Navy/Marine project that he has been hired for, and they are offering $2 more an hour. He is going to call the company who hired him and find out what's the deal.

Decisions, decisions.

Is it January yet?

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