Wednesday, Aug. 04, 2004 || There is no short supply of idiots in this world

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I am not surprised...

...and yet, I found myself feeling quite insulted when my former boss, who wants me to come back and work for him part time, offered me - get this - THE SAME HOURLY AMOUNT THAT I LEFT OVER!!!!

Is the guy an idiot or what? The really sad part is that I know this was not some shrewd business strategy. He is really just that moronic when it comes to business matters!!!

Now, why would I even consider going back to work there?

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BTW, here was my reply:

Former BossMan,

As you are aware, I have researched pay rates for such efforts, and when you are willing and able to make a serious offer, please contact me.

If you are interested in outsourcing the desktop publishing and web-based recruitment, my husband would be willing to submit a proposal through his company.



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So, Rob is off on yet another trip. Back to “Area 6”. I know, it sounds like some weird alien/top-secret nuclear site, when really it is simply some defined-by-who-knows-who area of NY, CT, and NJ. When I called to get a good guffaw from him over former BossMan’s insult, I mean, proposal, he was on his way to Manhattan.

This trip is shorter, thankfully. Only about 8 days as opposed to almost 12-13 like that last one. It is still all getting mercilessly old. The plan, at this point, is an end of the month resignation.

Did I mention that we have nothing else lined up? Yet.

Yeah, back to that faith thing again.

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